Research Projects

Approved Research Projects
Sr # Name of PI Name of Co-PI Designation & Faculty Project’s Title Project Type Funding Agency Date of Approval Approved Amount
1 Dr. Ayyaz Hussain Dr. Muhammad Kaleem ,Basic and Applied Sciences Automatic Optical Inspection System for Fault Detection of Printed Circuit Board through Image Processing Others NESCOM 30/11/-0001 0.1M
2 Dr. Waqar Adil Syed Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Nanoscale Optical Characterization of Semiconductor by Cavity Ringdown Spectrosopy NRPU Higher Education Commission 07/12/2007 5.369M
3 Dr. Asif Mir Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Genetic mapping of autosomal Recessive non-syndromic mental retardation disorder in pakistani popula NRPU Higher Education Commission 08/01/2008 5.058M
4 Dr. Rehmat Elahi Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Solution of non liner problems related to real world NRPU Higher Education Commission 26/11/2009 0.836M
5 Dr. Muhammad Sher Dr. Mian Muhammad Awais ,Basic and Applied Sciences Autonomic Workload Manager for Data Warehouse NRPU Higher Education Commission 14/06/2010 4.48M
6 Dr. Asif Mir Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Molecular Pathogenesis of Inherited bardet biedle syndrome & Mapping of Potential local and Genes fo NRPU Higher Education Commission 07/09/2010 1.267M
7 Dr Ahmed Shuja Syed Nill ,Centre for Advanced Electronics & Photovoltaic Engineering Establishment of Advanced Electronics Laborataries in the International Islamic University Islamabad Technical Assistance Grant IDB, KSA 15/03/2012 30M
8 Dr. Asif Mir Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Mapping of potential Local & Genes for Congenital Alopecia in Pakistan Families NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/04/2012 2.49M
9 Dr. Amber Ferdoos Mr. AKhlaq Ahmad ,Social Sciences Child Labour A curse or a blessing for poor households NRPU Higher Education Commission 24/04/2012 0.48M
10 Dr. Samina Yasmeen Malik Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani ,Social Sciences Problems and Prospects of women in Educational management in Pakistan NRPU Higher Education Commission 27/09/2012 1.87M
11 Dr. Ikram Shehzad Dr. Waqar Adil Syed ,Basic and Applied Sciences Study of leptons and hadrons as a probe of deconfinement in P-P and Pb-Pb interaction with ALICE at NRPU Higher Education Commission 08/10/2012 11.848M
12 Dr Nabi Bux Jummani Nill ,Social Sciences Blended Learning Courses for teacher educators between Asia and Europe Others European Research Council 07/01/2013 4.78M
13 Dr. Nyla Jabeen Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Agrobacterium mediated gene transformation of rice by sing rice chitinase gene to develop resistance NRPU Higher Education Commission 07/03/2013 10.92M
14 Dr. Imran Khan Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Root Variation and drought Stress Tolerance in wheat International German Academic Exchange Service(DAAD) 12/06/2013 17M
15 Dr. Ali Daud Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Social web mining based on link and Content Analysis International COMSTECH-ISESCO 31/07/2013 1M
16 Dr.Engr. Saeed Badshah Nill ,Engineering and Technology Design Analysis and Manufacturing of a 20 kw Ocean Current Tribune International COMSTECH-ISESCO 31/07/2013 1M
17 Dr. Muhammad Sher Dr. Thomas Maged anz ,Basic and Applied Sciences Efficient and secure provisioning of IMS Based next Generation network Multi media services Others ICT R&D Fund 01/09/2013 12.79M
18 Dr. Ijaz Shafi Gilani Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad ,Social Sciences Globalized Business and Politics in the 21st Century Implications for Pakistan in decade beyond the NRPU Higher Education Commission 14/10/2013 8.59M
19 Dr. Munazza Yaqoob Nill ,Language and Literature Consciousness Raising of Pakistani Women on contemporary Academic and Social Issues International US Department of State 26/03/2014 19.4M
20 Dr. Shaheen Shahzad Dr. Asma Gul ,Basic and Applied Sciences Mapping of Gene underlying Human hereditary skeletal dysplasia NRPU Higher Education Commission 05/05/2014 4.69M
21 Dr Parwez Zamurrad Junjua Dr Atiq ur Rehman ,International Institute of Islamic Economics Impact of of Climate change on Electricity Consumption at house hold level a case of Pakistan International USAid 16/07/2014 1.5M
22 Dr. Ayaz Afsar Nill ,Language and Literature Workshops on Corpus Linguistics International Higher Education Commission 17/09/2014 4.7M
23 Dr. Najeeba Arif Nill ,Language and Literature south Asian Muslims Perceptual Experience of the West in the Colonial Period NRPU Higher Education Commission 02/06/2015 6.483M
24 Dr. Tariq Javed Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Enhancement of Heat Transfer due to Wavy surface in Nanofluids NRPU Higher Education Commission 17/08/2015 1.59M
25 Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Robust estimation in the presence of extreme observation NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/10/2015 0.893M
26 Dr. Bashir Ahmad Prof. Dr. Elizabeth A . Hall ,Basic and Applied Sciences Studies on development, formulation and commercialization of alkaline phosphatase inhibition based a NRPU Higher Education Commission 30/11/2015 4.4M
27 Dr. Miraj-ul-Haq Dr. Syed Nisar Husain ,International Institute of Islamic Economics Technological Spillovers Effects on Economics growth, Exploring the role of absorption capacity NRPU Higher Education Commission 15/02/2016 0.941M
28 Dr. Muhammad Arshad Akbar Azam ,Basic and Applied Sciences Existence of fixed point solutions of locally and globally mapping satisfying generalized contractiv NRPU Higher Education Commission 18/03/2016 1.357M
29 Dr. Shamaila Sajjad Dr. Sajjad Ahmed Khan Leghari ,Basic and Applied Sciences Development of low cost routes for Modifications of Efficient Utilization in Photochemical Catalytic NRPU Higher Education Commission 21/03/2016 11.799M
30 Dr Ahmed Shuja Syed Nill ,Centre for Advanced Electronics & Photovoltaic Engineering Establishment of Advanced Photovoltaic Energy Engineering Laborataries at the International Islamic Technical Assistance Grant IDB, KSA 31/03/2016 30M
31 Dr. Samina Malik Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani ,Social Sciences Briding the Gap between Nationals Needs and Curriculum of Educational Institutions TRGP Higher Education Commission 11/05/2016 3.9M
32 Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman Saif Abbasi Mr. Qaisar Khalid Mahmood ,Social Sciences Effects of Parenting Practices on youth Risk Behaviour in the Punjab TRGP Higher Education Commission 11/05/2016 4M
33 Dr. Muhammad Babar Akram Dr. Saif ur rehman Abbasi ,Social Sciences Socio Cultural Risk Factors of Thalassemia propagation in punjab TRGP Higher Education Commission 11/05/2016 4M
34 Dr. Syed Ali Imran Bukhari Dr. Abdul Hameed ,Basic and Applied Sciences Improved Production of Xylanolytic system by aspergillus NRPU Higher Education Commission 01/06/2016 1.74M
35 Dr. Tariq Javed Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Study Mixed convention flows inside a Lid Driven cavity using finite element method NRPU Higher Education Commission 15/06/2016 0.95M
36 Dr. Zaheer Ahmad Dr. Mamoona Ismail Loona ,Arabic Psycho-linguistics research project NRPU Higher Education Commission 16/06/2016 2.2M
37 Dr. Abdul Hameed Dr. P. Chen ,Basic and Applied Sciences Design Synthesis & Characterization of Pegylated Polyhydroxile Alkanoate Nanoparticles for Targeted NRPU Higher Education Commission 22/06/2016 4.93M
38 Dr.Jawad Ali Shah Dr. M Shafiq shami ,Engineering and Technology Design space Explorations and Development of functionally Radiation Hardened Embedded computer in any satellite Others Nescom 21/09/2016 0.2M
39 Dr. M. Ibrar Shinwari Dr. Shazia Irum ,Basic and Applied Sciences Assessment of Allelochemical Potential In medicinal Plants of Pakistan and Application to Agro-Envir NRPU Higher Education Commission 10/10/2016 2.78M
40 Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan Dr. Zafeer Saqib ,Basic and Applied Sciences Improving Urban Environmental Performance using industrial ecological framework NRPU Higher Education Commission 11/11/2016 1.708M
41 Dr. Zafeer Saqib Dr. Syeda Maria Ali ,Basic and Applied Sciences A GIS based floral Altas of Northern Pakistan NRPU Higher Education Commission 20/01/2017 3.924M
42 Dr. Abdul Jalil Dr. Javed Ahmed ,Engineering and Technology Fusion of visual infrared Images Others Nescom 23/01/2017 0.1M
43 Dr.Abdul Jalil Dr. Javed Ahmed ,Engineering and Technology Translation and Rotation Invariant video stabilization Others Nescom 23/01/2017 0.1M
44 Dr. Asim Munir M. Jamil Anwar ,Basic and Applied Sciences Robust and impercepitble watermarking of video streams using artificial intelligence(AI) techniques Others Nescom 23/01/2017 0.1M
45 Dr. Nabi Bux Jummani Dr. Samina Malik ,Social Sciences BLTEAE Others EU 03/04/2017 5.365M
46 Dr Maliha Rashid Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Existence Theorems and Appliations of System of fuzzy Partial Differential Inclusions NRPU Higher Education Commission 04/04/2017 0.458M
47 Dr Khadija Maqbool Dr Ambreen Afsar Khan ,Basic and Applied Sciences Entropy Generation in Nanofluid Flow due to the Ciliary Motion NRPU Higher Education Commission 04/04/2017 0.6M
48 Dr. Muhammad Amir Jawad Ali Shah ,Engineering and Technology Sparsity Based Reconstruction of Medical Images NRPU Higher Education Commission 04/04/2017 7.22M
49 Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad Muhammad Akbar Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Artificial Neural Networks Modeling for Hydrological Data in Pakistan NRPU Higher Education Commission 04/04/2017 0.77M
50 Dr. Muhammad Shahid Naveed Altaf Khan ,Other An analytical Study of Dawah Methods of Leading Dawah Oragnization in Pakistan NRPU Higher Education Commission 04/04/2017 1.72M
51 Dr. Imran Khan Dr. Sumera Mehboob ,Basic and Applied Sciences Synthesis Characterization of mixed Metal Oxide nano composites their catalaytic studies against CWAs and its application in Gas mask filter Others NESCOM 05/04/2017 0.1M
52 Dr Ayyaz Hussain Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed Qureshi Associate Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Computer Aided Diagnosis and Risk Assessment System of Breast Mammography Seond Opinion for Radiology NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/04/2017 1.69M
53 Dr Muhammad Akbar Ishfaq Ahmad Associate Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Bayesian Analysis of Money Demand Function of Pakistan Economy NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/04/2017 0.92M
54 Dr. Shaista Shahzada Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Compositonal analysis of Ternary Oxide Semi-conductors using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/04/2017 8.887M
55 Dr. Abdul Rashid Dr. Muhammad Khaleequzzaman ,International Institute of Islamic Economics Perception Index for Shariah Legitimacy (PISL) of Islamic Banking in Pakistan: Empirical Analyzing a NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/04/2017 2.38M
56 Dr. Muhammd Sajid Dr. Nasir Ali ,Basic and Applied Sciences Development and Simulations of Mthematical Models for Unsteady Pulsatile Flow of Blood in stenotic a NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/04/2017 1.06M
57 Dr.Ahmer Mehmood Nill Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Generalization of the Thwaites Integral Method NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/04/2017 0.91M
58 Dr. Shair Ali Khan Dr Nargis Nazir ,Arabic Towards Developing Parameters for urdu Quran translation NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/04/2017 1.16M
59 Dr. Asma Gul Dr. Javed Iqbal Saggu ,Basic and Applied Sciences Evaluation of Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity of Metal and their oxides nanostructures to be used as p NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/04/2017 6.42M
60 Dr. Ikram Ullah Dr. Ghulam Mustafa ,Basic and Applied Sciences Dietary Novel Approach Flavonoids against High Fat Diet Induced Impaired and Insulin Signaling NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/04/2017 3.07M
61 Dr. Naseem Razi Nill ,Shariah and Law Role of the constitution 1973 in Good and Human Development (A Critical Analysis in the light of the Socio-Political and Religious Culture of Pakistan TRGP Higher Education Commission 03/05/2017 4M
62 Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily Dr. Memoona Ismail Loona ,Social Sciences Smartphone addiction and its effect on mental health An evidence based Intervention for amelioration TRGP Higher Education Commission 03/05/2017 4M
63 Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani Dr. Samina Yasmeen Malik ,Social Sciences Education and Development Mainstreaming the Unemployed Educated Youths TRGP Higher Education Commission 03/05/2017 4M
64 Dr. Ali Imran Bokhari Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Production of Liapsefrom Humicola sp. International COMSTECH-TWAS 08/05/2017 0.21M
65 Dr. Ihsan-Ul -Haq Nill Professor ,Engineering and Technology The Design of an efficient computer aided diagnosis system for early breast NRPU Higher Education Commission 29/05/2017 1.64M
66 Muhammad Imran Shabbir Haim H. Bau ,Basic and Applied Sciences Health Security: Point of Care, Multiplexed Detection Of infections Diseases Endemic in Pakistan PAK-US Pak-US 07/06/2017 15.463M
67 Dr. Nyla Jabeen Nil ,Basic and Applied Sciences Development of Edible Vaccine Against Mastitis in Livestock by Transgenic Forage Grass PSF Pakistan Science Foundation 09/06/2017 5.33M
68 Dr. Tahir Mehmood Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Similarity Measure of Picture Hesitant Fuzzy sets and their Applications NRPU Higher Education Commission 24/10/2017 1.38M
69 Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed Nill ,Other Development of stretchable polymer based super capacitor for energy storage system PSF Pakistan Science Foundation 05/12/2017 3.5M
70 Dr. Abdul Jalil Dr. Javed Ahmed ,Engineering and Technology Vision Based Driver Drowsiness Detection Others NESCOM 07/12/2017 0.2M
71 Dr. Engr Jawad Ali Shah Dr. Adnan Umar khan Assistant Professor ,Engineering and Technology Implementation of Recovery Techniques For Compressively Sampled Biomedical Images Using Graphical Pr NRPU Higher Education Commission 26/12/2017 6.407M
72 Dr. Muhammad Akram Ayesha Qurrat ul Ain ,Islamic Studies(Usuluddin) The Study of Religions in Pakistan Institutions, Materials, and Approaches" NRPU Higher Education Commission 30/01/2018 2.207M
73 Dr. Syed Asad Abbas Rizvi Dr. Nabi B. Bux Jumani ,Social Sciences Cultural Diversity in Higher Education : Plan for unification of culturally diverse learners at university level TRGP Higher Education Commission 04/04/2018 5.22M
74 Dr. Aziz ur Rehman Hafiz Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily ,Shariah and Law Challenges in Mental Health, Law and Human Rights in Pakistan TRGP Higher Education Commission 04/04/2018 3.85M
75 Dr. Fauzia Janjua Dr. Sadia Irshad ,Language and Literature Endangered Languages of Nothern Pakistan: A Study of Etholinguistics Monorities TRGP Higher Education Commission 04/04/2018 3.25M
76 Dr. Abdul Hameed Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Prototype Development for Enzyme Based poultry feed supplement and its use in poultry industry Technology Development Fund Higher Education Commission 24/05/2018 14M
77 Dr. Asif Mir Nil ,Basic and Applied Sciences Elucidating the Molecular Genetic basis of Intellectual Disability (ID) NRPU Higher Education Commission 01/06/2018 4.85M
78 Dr. Mehwish Taneez Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Water Quality Assessment and Identification of Pollution Risk in Saif ul Malook Lake, North East Pakistan Foreign Funding (Japan) Kurita Water & Environment Foundation 01/06/2018 0.35M
79 Dr. Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah Mazhar Hussain Chaudhry ,Management Sciences Driverse of SMEs Internationalization. A Comparative Study of Chinese and Pakistan Entrepreneurs; CEPEC Perspective NRPU Higher Education Commission 02/06/2018 2.86M
80 Dr. Sobia Tabassum Mr. Muhammad Mumtaz ,Basic and Applied Sciences Combination Analysis of Natural Phenolics and Palladium Nanoparticles Targeting Histone Deacetylases (HDACs): An Attractive Combinatorial Therapy for Breast Cancer Cells NRPU Higher Education Commission 05/06/2018 2.64M
81 Ms. Rashida Bibi Nil Lecturer ,Basic and Applied Sciences New solution of the Einstein-Maxwell equations for modelling of compact object NRPU Higher Education Commission 12/06/2018 0.45M
82 Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily Nasim Chaudhry ,Social Sciences A Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) to Assess the Efficacy of Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) in the Treatment of Cannabis Users. NRPU Higher Education Commission 16/01/2019 3.16M
83 Dr. Samina Yasmeen Malik Nabi B. Bux Jumani ,Social Sciences Role of National Curriculum for Moral Development in Pakistan NRPU Higher Education Commission 13/02/2019 2.9M
84 Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani Ms. Samina Yasmeen Malik ,Social Sciences Evaluation of the Competencies of teacher education in Pakistan NRPU Higher Education Commission 13/02/2019 1.26M
85 Dr. Ambreen Afsar Khan Nil ,Basic and Applied Sciences Peristaltic flow of a dusty fluid in a curved channel NRPU Higher Education Commission 27/03/2019 0.48M
86 Dr. Muhammad Asad Ghufran Mr. Zaheer Saqib ,Basic and Applied Sciences Appraisal of Invasive Species Richness as an Environmental Threat to Native Vegetation in Islamabad and Murree Region NRPU Higher Education Commission 27/03/2019 3.03M
87 Dr. Abdul Jalil Nil ,Engineering and Technology Smart Feet NRPU Higher Education Commission 27/03/2019 1.43M
88 Dr. Syeda Maria Ali Nil ,Basic and Applied Sciences Quantifying the Impact of Land use on Spatial Variability in Urban Green Areas of Pakistan-Implications for sustainable urban planning and climate change adaption NRPU Higher Education Commission 20/05/2019 1.03M
89 Dr. Nasir Ali Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Mathematical Models for Locomotion of Microorganisms in Complex Fluids NRPU Higher Education Commission 17/06/2019 1.49M
90 Dr. Syed Asad Abbas Rizvi Najam ul Hassan Abbasi ,Social Sciences Development of Culturally Responsive Teacher Education Programs for Universities of Pakistan NRPU Higher Education Commission 05/07/2019 0.4M
91 Prof. Dr. Riaz Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Finding HSP90 Modulating Anticancer Natural Products from Daphne Oleoides NRPU Higher Education Commission 07/08/2019 4.21M
92 Dr. Azhar Mahmood Nabi Bux Jumani ,Social Sciences Quality teaching in the Twenty-First Century Classroom NRPU Higher Education Commission 27/09/2019 1.55M
93 Dr. Jamal Abdul Nasir Nil ,Basic and Applied Sciences Developing Tailored Comprehensive Services for Young Migrants (INTEGRA) ERASMUS+ Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education European Commission 21/04/2020 9.457M
94 Dr. Erum Jamil Nil ,Engineering and Technology Upscaling of an AI Enable Data Mining Platform for Informed Decision Making (IDM) in COVID-19 and Future Pandemic Scenarios for Government of Pakistan PSF-COVID-19 Grants Pakistan Science Foundation 24/06/2020 16.89M
95 Dr. Munazza Yaqoob N/A ,Language and Literature Women Writing Pakistan International Teesside University, UK 01/07/2020 2.562M
96 Dr. Asma Gul Dr Sohail Qureshi ,Basic and Applied Sciences A Study Elucidating Contribution of Liver Cirrhosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Through Tissue-Oncogene Interaction Competitive Research Grant Program PSF 17/09/2020 7.91M
97 Dr. Humaira Ashraf Dr. Raheel Khan ,Basic and Applied Sciences Real time sensors fusion using GPUs computer vision/image processing NESCOM NESCOM 06/10/2020 0.1M
98 Dr. Muhammad Sheeraz Dasti Dr. Akhtar Aziz, Dr. Farrukh Nadeem ,Language and Literature Digitalizing Folk Wisdom: A project of Collection, Translation, and study of Folk Literature in major Pakistani Language NRPU Higher Education Commission 28/12/2020 10.5M
99 Prof. Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani Dr. Samina Yasmeen Malik ,Social Sciences challenges of virtual teaching and learning environmental at higher education level during the COVID-19 Pandemic Enabling Grants (COVID-19) IIUI 06/01/2021 0.13M
100 Dr. Nazia Iqbal Muhammad Ilyas ,Social Sciences Prevalence of corona virus disease underlying the presence of PTSD symtoms in patents as well as in fronline health workers: A study of District Malakand, KPK Pakistan Enabling Grants (COVID-19) IIUI 06/01/2021 0.16M
101 Dr. Mamoona Ismail Loona ms Khadija Beghum ,Social Sciences The Psychological impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Health care Professionals in Peshawar khyber pakhtunkhawa, Pakistan Enabling Grants (COVID-19) IIUI 06/01/2021 0.12M
102 Dr. Mehwish Taneez Ms Faiza Rehman Shams ,Basic and Applied Sciences Awareness and understanding COVID-19 Enabling Grants (COVID-19) IIUI 06/01/2021 0.12M
103 Prof. Dr. Saif Abbasi Mr. Rameez Ahmed ,Social Sciences COVID-19 and universities: Assessing the Performance of students benefitted from learning management system (LMS) during pandemic Enabling Grants (COVID-19) IIUI 06/01/2021 0.13M
104 Dr. Kehkashan Arouj Aiman Saba, Aqsa Meher khan, Sumbal, Iqra Arooj ,Social Sciences Impact of Media Exposure on Maladaptive thinking patterns among university students: COVID-19 Perspective Enabling Grants (COVID-19) IIUI 06/01/2021 0.22M
105 Dr. Aleem Khaliq Dr. Engr. Suheel Abdullah ,Engineering and Technology Design and development of Low-Cost Non-Contact Thermometer Enabling Grants (COVID-19) IIUI 06/01/2021 0.03M
106 Dr. Maha Zafar Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Air Sampling and characterization of Air Pollution particulate(PM10 and PM2.5 Major Concern is 16 priority polycyclic aromatic Hydrocarbons) is Faisalabad, Lahore Sialkot and Rawalpindi" PSF PSF 10/02/2021 0.2M
107 Dr. Imran Murtaza Carlos Garcia Nunez ,Basic and Applied Sciences investigation in Advance Energy Harvesters and Energy Storage Devices for Self-powered Flexible Systems (FlexEnersys) ICRG (INNOVATIVE AND COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH GRANT) Higher Education Commission 26/02/2021 99.68M
108 Dr. Saeed Badshah Dr. Amir Badshah ,Engineering and Technology Fast Training of SOM(Self Organization Map) in Frequency Domain NESCOM NESCOM 06/04/2021 0.12M
109 Engr. Javed Ahmed Khan Nill ,Engineering and Technology Inter-University Competition to Develop low-cost plastic waste recycling machine Competition to develop low-cost waste recycling machine (PSF) PSF 26/10/2021 0.6M
110 Asif Mir Nill Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Elucidating the Molecular Genetic Variations Associated with Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young in Pakistani Population NRPU Higher Education Commission 22/11/2021 5.46M
111 Dr. Maliha Asma Prof. Yifu Don ,Basic and Applied Sciences Fabrication of MOFs/POMs composites as efficient adsorbents for Selected Gaseous Pollutants NRPU Higher Education Commission 29/11/2021 2.92M
112 Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Khan Engr. Sharjeel Abid Butt ,Engineering and Technology Automated detection of acute ischemic infarct on Code Stroke Head CT using deep Neural Networks NRPU Higher Education Commission 29/11/2021 4.32M
113 Dr. Nayyar Mehmood Mr. Niaz Ahmad ,Basic and Applied Sciences Some Variants of Krasnoselskiis and Schauders fixed point results with applications in fractional differential equations NRPU Higher Education Commission 06/12/2021 1.41M
Total Approved Amount: 550.78M