Start Up Grants

Approved Start Up Research Projects
Sr # Name of PI Name of Co-PI Designation & Faculty Project’s Title Project Type Funding Agency Date of Approval Approved Amount
1 Dr. Bushra Uzair Dr. Sobia Tabassum Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Screening and characterization of marine surface associated microorganisms for drug delivery potenti SRGP HEC 23/11/2010 0.499M
2 Dr. Maliha Asma Dr. Maria Ali ,Basic and Applied Sciences Design of dual homogeneous and heterogeneous re-useable olefin polymerization SRGP HEC 01/01/2011 0.999M
3 Dr. Qazi Muhammad Ahkam Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Study of the properties of nuclear matter under Extreme Conditions SRGP HEC 01/01/2011 1.499M
4 Dr. Sumaira Farrakh Dr. Naveeda Riaz ,Basic and Applied Sciences SSR (simple sequence repeats) based molecular analysis of strips rust resistant germpasm SRGP HEC 27/01/2011 1.999M
5 Dr. Bashir Ahmad Dr. Asif Mir ,Basic and Applied Sciences Optimization of conditions for the production of alkaline phosphatase from indigenous bacteria SRGP HEC 17/03/2011 2.499M
6 Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad Dr. Ehtishaam-ul-Haq ,Basic and Applied Sciences Optimized Estimation methodology for parametric component in partial linear model SRGP HEC 18/06/2011 2.99744M
7 Dr. Islam-ud-Din Mr. Zafeer Saqib ,Basic and Applied Sciences Physiochemical properties of the public drinking water supplies in Islamabad and Health Risk Assessm SRGP HEC 10/08/2011 3.49744M
8 Dr. Javed Iqbal Mr. Qazi Muhammad A ,Basic and Applied Sciences Synthesis, Characterization and applications of Novel Nanostructures SRGP HEC 22/11/2011 3.99588M
9 Dr. Najma Sadiq Dr. M. Zafar Iqbal ,Social Sciences Reflection of humanitarian crisis in Media, Policy relevant issues concerning capacity building of J SRGP HEC 12/12/2011 4.49588M
10 Dr. Muhammad Arshad Mr. M. Naseer ,Basic and Applied Sciences Studies on Prevalence of multidrug Resistant Typhoid causing salmonella typhi in Islamabad SRGP HEC 06/03/2012 4.99588M
11 Dr. Naeem Ahmad Dr. Javed Iqbal Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Fabrication, CharaCterization & FMR study of ferromagnetic nanowires and nanotubes SRGP HEC 26/04/2012 5.49588M
12 Dr. Muhammad Fakhar-e-Alam Dr. Waqar Adil Syed ,Basic and Applied Sciences Biolabelling & Cytotoxic effects of zinc oxied nanoparticles in malignant cell lines model SRGP HEC 16/05/2012 5.99588M
13 Dr. Saima Ambreen Dr. Asma Gul ,Basic and Applied Sciences The characterization of ARP gene for regulating the plant immune system Benonia rex SRGP HEC 28/08/2012 6.49588M
14 Dr. Shamaila Sajjad Dr. Waqar Adil Syed ,Basic and Applied Sciences Fabrication of visible light responsive semiconducter nanocomposites for environmental applications SRGP HEC 14/09/2012 6.89488M
15 Dr. Muhammad Imran Shabbir Muhammad Jamal ud Din Ahmed Qureshi ,Basic and Applied Sciences Mutational Analysis for Genetic Disorders of Integumentary System in Pakistani Families SRGP HEC 14/09/2012 7.39488M
16 Dr. Faiza Jan Iftikhar Dr. Maliha Asma ,Basic and Applied Sciences Immobilization of carbon electrode by S-(5 Adenosy 1)-L-Methonine chloride to detect and mobilize th SRGP HEC 08/10/2012 7.89488M
17 Dr. Khashif Nadeem Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz ,Basic and Applied Sciences Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles/superconductor composites SRGP HEC 09/10/2012 8.39488M
18 Dr. Samia Faiz Gurmani Dr. Shaista Shahzada ,Basic and Applied Sciences Equilibrium and non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of solid/liquid interfaces SRGP HEC 27/05/2013 8.88588M
19 Dr. Imran Murtaza Nill Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Fabrication and characterization of spin coated TIPS pentacene thin films SRGP HEC 30/05/2013 9.38588M
20 Dr. Asma Gul ,Basic and Applied Sciences Genotyping & mutational Screening of ectodermal appendages disorders in Pakistani population SRGP HEC 21/06/2013 9.88588M
21 Dr. Ghazala Kausar Dr. Munazza Yaqoob ,Language and Literature Do beliefs play a role in determining learning/teaching strategies; a Qualitative SRGP HEC 10/12/2013 10.36388M
22 Dr. Jamal Abdul Nasir Dr. Ali Nasir ,Basic and Applied Sciences Uplift modeling for cancer patients Data SRGP HEC 27/01/2015 10.65988M
23 Dr. Fauzia Yasmeen Dr. Naveeda Riaz ,Basic and Applied Sciences Genetic divergence of high molecular glutenin subunits in Wheat SRGP HEC 29/01/2015 11.15988M
24 Dr. Zehra Agha Dr. Naveeda Riaz ,Basic and Applied Sciences Screening of candidate genes of different pathways in autistic patients from pakistani population SRGP HEC 03/02/2015 11.64488M
25 Dr. Abdul Rub Faisal Sultan Nill ,Basic and Applied Sciences Effects of various Medicinal Herbson in vitro Thrombolysis SRGP HEC 10/06/2015 11.97188M
26 Dr. Pervez Anwar Dr. Zafar Mahmood ,Basic and Applied Sciences Quality enhancement of Olive Oil obtained from Olea Ferruginea royle in Pakistan SRGP HEC 30/06/2015 12.37388M
27 Dr. Sara Gul Dr. Naveeda Riaz ,Basic and Applied Sciences Mechanism of metformin action in FoxO3 overactivated mice SRGP HEC 04/01/2016 12.76488M
28 Dr. Rakhshanda Sadiq Dr. Naveeda Riaz Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Copper nanoparticles, a 28 day repeated-dose oral toxicity study in mice SRGP HEC 14/01/2016 13.23488M
29 DR. Nayyar Mehmood Maliha Rashid ,Basic and Applied Sciences Fixed Points Results for Set-valued Maps with Application SRGP HEC 10/02/2016 13.43488M
30 Dr. Hina Jabeen Dr. Maliha Asma ,Basic and Applied Sciences Microbe-assisted phytoremediation of organophosphate pesticide (methyle parathhion) contaminated soi SRGP HEC 15/02/2016 13.73488M
31 Dr. Abdul Hameed Khan Dr. Arshad Malik ,Basic and Applied Sciences Impact of DNA demage repair of lineage differentiation potential of human Mesynchymal stem cells SRGP HEC 04/03/2016 14.13488M
32 Dr. Naeem Khan Waqar Adil Syed ,Basic and Applied Sciences Fabrication and Characterization of Tin-based Perovskite Solar Cells SRGP HEC 08/03/2016 14.61488M
33 Dr. Waqar-un-Nisa Dr. Maliha Asma ,Basic and Applied Sciences Assessment of pytoremediation potential of different grass species to degrade Hexachlorinated cycloh SRGP HEC 25/03/2016 15.01488M
34 Dr. Akhtar Nadhman Dr. Imran Khan ,Basic and Applied Sciences Reactive oxygen species (ROS) induced annihilation of leishmania using green synthesized nanoparticl SRGP HEC 03/08/2016 15.44488M
35 Dr. Muhammad Ayub Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Bashir ,Arabic Illustrations and Spectaculars of Ilm Al bayan in Surah Al kahf SRGP HEC 26/01/2017 15.70488M
36 Dr. Farhat Nosheen Dr. Imran Khan Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Synthesis of noble metal based nanostructures with well-defined shape and compositional anisotropy SRGP HEC 26/01/2017 16.08488M
37 Dr. Rukhsanda Aziz M. Tariq Rafiq ,Basic and Applied Sciences Phytoavailability of lead in different spinach cultivars grown on lead contaminated soils, A model f SRGP HEC 21/02/2017 16.52188M
38 Dr Ummay Amara Dr Rukhsana Tariq Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Validation of Azo dye decolorizing noved bacteria from textile contaminated wastewater and soil for dye decolonization SRGP HEC 06/03/2017 16.94188M
39 Dr. Fareeha Ambreen Dr. Asma Gul Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Irisin estimation in aqueous humor of glaucoma and senile cataract patients SRGP HEC 07/03/2017 17.43988M
40 Dr . Nayyer Mahmood Dr. Maliha Rashid Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Fixed point Results for set valued Maps with Applications SRGP HEC 04/04/2017 17.93988M
41 Dr Sadia Irshad Dr Fauzia Janjua Assistant Professor ,Language and Literature Learner Autonomy English Language Teachers Pedagogical Beliefs and Practices SRGP HEC 28/04/2017 18.38988M
42 Dr Amna Kalsoom Dr Maliha Rashid ,Basic and Applied Sciences Fixed point approximation of hybrid mappings in hyperbolic spaces SRGP HEC 30/05/2017 18.88988M
43 Dr Muhammad Zubair Dr Muhammad Ayub Al Rasheedi Assistant Professor ,Arabic Freudian Psychoanalysis Role in Deconstruction of Social Human Values: A Case of Psycho-linguistics Inadequacies SRGP HEC 31/05/2017 19.28188M
44 Dr Ali Zaman Dr Muhammad Mumtaz ,Basic and Applied Sciences Study of Effects of the Jets on Some Properties of Secondary Particles Produced in High Energy Hadronic Collisions SRGP HEC 02/06/2017 19.49688M
45 Dr. Maryam Siddiqa Dr. Asma Gul ,Basic and Applied Sciences Impact of Motorcycle Helmet Usage on Head/Facial Injuries SRGP HEC 06/06/2017 19.90688M
46 Dr. Banat Gul Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad ,Basic and Applied Sciences Simulation of Industrial plasma sources for material processing SRGP HEC 06/06/2017 20.36688M
47 Dr. Zareen Fatima Dr. Asma Gul Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Single Multiplex PCR for Detection of Dengue and Chickengunya virus SRGP HEC 12/12/2017 20.86688M
48 Dr. Sumera Zaib Dr, Asma Gul Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Mechanism of Apotosis in Leishmania Tropica Promastigotes Induced by Pentavalent Antimonials SRGP HEC 18/12/2017 21.36688M
49 Dr. Farhan Younas Dr. Jabar Zaman Khattak ,Basic and Applied Sciences Identification and chracterization of microorganisms isolated from equipment used in intensive care units in health care facilities in Islamabad SRGP HEC 27/12/2017 26.36688M
50 Dr. Nadia Shabnum Dr. Muhammad Akbar ,Basic and Applied Sciences Do Remittances Income Improve the Nutrient Consumption of Households? Evidence from Pakistan SRGP HEC 28/12/2017 26.63188M
51 Dr Habib Ullah Khan Dr Muhammad Zubair Abbasi ,Arabic The Ijaz of Surat al Mu Minun Benefits of its Application to Our Society Pakistan SRGP HEC 22/01/2018 26.90788M
52 Mehwish Taneez Dr. Ikram Ullah Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Plastic Pollution in Freshwater Systems: An Emerging Pollutant of Concern SRGP HEC 13/02/2018 27.38788M
53 Dr. Wajahat Ullah Khan Tareen Nil ,Engineering and Technology Design of Transformer-Less Bases Line-Interactive UPS system with 3P3W SAPE capability and Battery Energy Storage Stage. SRGP HEC 08/03/2018 27.83788M
54 Dr. Afshan Batool Dr. Arshad Zia ,Basic and Applied Sciences Stability of functional equations and inequalities in matrix branch algebra SRGP HEC 06/04/2018 28.08288M
55 Dr. Syeda Aaliya Shehzadi Dr. Ghulam Mustafa ,Basic and Applied Sciences Design, Synthesis and spectroscopic chracterization of Propargylamines attached to various aza-heterocyclic compounds for the applications asneuroactive drugs SRGP HEC 30/04/2018 28.55788M
56 Dr. Muhammad Arif Khan Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad ,Basic and Applied Sciences Metal Oxide Semiconductors Nanowires for Optoelectronic and Photocatalytic Application SRGP HEC 04/06/2018 29.05488M
57 Dr. Asma Rashid Dr. Rukhsana Tariq ,Basic and Applied Sciences Response of Selected Grass Species towards Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPRS) Isolated from Textile Wastewater SRGP HEC 04/06/2018 29.44788M
58 Dr. Inayat Ali Khan Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed ,Basic and Applied Sciences Palladium Nanocatalysts Supported on Nitrogen-Doped Highly Graphitic Carbon for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell Applications SRGP HEC 04/06/2018 29.94788M
59 Dr. Ayyaz Hussain Dr. Muhammad Jawad Ikram Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Power and Energy Efficient Algorithms, and Programming Techniques for Exascale Systems SRGP HEC 27/12/2018 30.39788M
60 Dr. Nawishta Jabeen Dr. Wiqar Hussain shah ,Basic and Applied Sciences A novel chemical synthesis of Mn3o4 Nanowalled arrays nanosheet and its stepwise conversion into birnessite Mno2 through voltammetric cycling for incorporation of alkali cations. SRGP HEC 23/01/2019 30.86788M
61 Dr. Wiqar Hussain shah Dr. Ahmad Hussain Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Effect of Ca Doping on the electrical and magnetic spin dynamics lf La1-x CaxMno3 Pervoskite maganites Nano-particles SRGP HEC 23/01/2019 31.34788M
62 Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Dr. Muhammad Ibrar Shinwari Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Assessment ofOccupational Health and Safety (OHS) conditions and status in small repairing workshops in Rawalpindi city SRGP HEC 06/03/2019 31.74918M
63 Dr. Sabahat Sardar Dr. Syeda Aaliya Shehzadi ,Basic and Applied Sciences Synthesis of Task Specific Protic lonic for Co2 Separation Technology SRGP HEC 06/03/2019 32.24918M
64 Dr. Hina Andleeb Dr. Ikram Ullah Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Synthesis of novel heterocyles as Aldose Reductase inhibitors in the pharmacotherapy for diabetic Complicatons SRGP HEC 27/03/2019 32.74918M
65 Dr. Lubna Danish Dr. Mehwish Taneez Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Association between Bcl-2 gene polymorphism in frequently diagnosed cancer types and anticancer drug response in Pakistani population SRGP HEC 24/04/2019 33.21118M
66 Dr. Saba Ashraf Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Synthesis and Chracterization of heteroleptic Ru (II) sensitized for the application in dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC)" SRGP HEC 24/04/2019 33.66418M
67 Dr. Kiran Abdullah Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Assistant Professor ,Basic and Applied Sciences Fabrication of CNTs Phthalocyanine hybrid based sensor for the detection of toxic gases SRGP HEC 25/04/2019 34.14418M
Total Approved Amount: 34.14M